Best Location for a Tattoo

Tattoos have been around thousands of years ago. Ancient people and tribes mark their bodies with signs and symbols to represent their tribe and to signify status. In the modern times, tattoos are considered as an artistic way to express an individual's ideas, beliefs, views, and personality.

Aside from these, tattoos look cool and sexy. They give the wearer a bad boy or bad girl image that other people simply cannot resist. If you have a tattoo, it shows that you are adventurous and you are not afraid to express yourself in a rebellious way.

It is important to decide which part of your body you want to have your tattoo. Here are some great locations for a tattoo.

  • Arm. This is probably the most popular spot for a tattoo for both male and female. It is very easy to have a tattoo there, both for you and the tattoo artists. Your upper arm is a great canvas for any type of body art.
  • Back. Your back is another great area for having a tattoo. This is especially popular among women. The lower back looks sexy and the upper left or right back is perfect especially if you are wearing halter or tank tops. Wide tattoos such as bats, butterflies, or birds are perfect.
  • Chest. This is another popular tattoo area especially for girls. Girls who have ample chest and who always wear tops with V-cut and plunging necklines should have a sexy chest tattoo.
  • Inner Wrist. You can have a small tattoo on this area. The good thing about this is that you can easily hide the tattoo when the situation calls for it.
  • Feet area. This is increasingly becoming popular especially among girls because they are not too obvious. You can cover it up by wearing socks or shoes. However, you have to know that a foot tattoo does not last as long a other types of tattoo. You can also have a tattoo above the ankle which also looks sexy and feminine.
  • Back of the neck. You can wear a small tattoo on this area and you can easily cover it up by wearing collared tops or by wearing your hair down.