Welcome to Tattoo Designs for Women

Nothing is more sexy than a women with a high quality tattoo. But how does one ensure a top quality design and an artist that has the skills to properly lay the ink?

When it comes to tattoos, the differences between a man and a woman are like any other aspect. More and more women are getting tattoos and they have taken on a specialty of their own. The impact that a tattoo can have to a woman's sex appeal is tremendous if applied correctly so choose carefully.

With men consideration is often given to muscle tone and bone structure in order to optimize the visual effects of the design. Since women have many more natural, but more drastic curves, it is an exceptional task when larger tattoos are being requested. More than ever women are getting full back pieces, sleeves, neck tattoos, and more. With a sleeve for example, women generally have slimmer arms and therefore a tattoo artist must consider the thinner cylinder in order to ensure the tattoo design is depicted as desired.

Also considering that an attractive woman will get hundreds of glances a day, a visible tattoo needs to be chosen carefully as well as the artist that will be doing the work. A poorly designed or poorly inked tattoo can be a significant (and permanent) detriment to the woman's appeal.

Some of the more common tattoo choices for women are butterfly tattoos, star tattoos, or flower tattoos such as lillies and orchids, often including vines and leaves to accentuate the curves of the female form. Mothers often get symbols for their children or even portrait tattoos. Women are also more likely to obtain a commemorative tattoo to keepsake a family member of other loved one.

Many time these delicate symbols can be combined with tribal tattoos to add some roughness to an otherwise overly feminate design. Tattoos of tigers, dragons, the phoenix or other animals found in Chinese or Japanese culture often allow a women to show signs of strength and courage while maintaining a certain beauty. What better way to symbolize the modern women that to exemplify her strength encapsulated in a soft, curved form. Have fun exploring this site and others to choose the tattoo right for you.

This website will continue to provide quality content to assist women in choosing tattoos that best compliment their figure, personality, and image they wish to be articulated by their new tattoo. We hope to see you back often to take advantage of our resources!